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  • Six days at Kadeau

    A kitchen is like a meal in many aspects. The better the ingredients and processing, the better the result. Restaurant Kadeau Copenhagen reopened at a new address in November 2015 with a custom-made kitchen from Garde Hvalsøe. We had the great honor of following the cooks closely in the kitchen during the hours when they started preparations for creating the most wonderful meals for the evening menu before the restaurant opened.

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  • at home with Kadeau

    The Danish chef Nicolai Nørregård runs seven restaurants, two of them with Michelin stars - two for Kadeau Copenhagen and one for Kadeau Bornholm

  • Redzepi's home

    The man behind the world’s best restaurant, Noma’s head chef René Redzepi, has also chosen the world’s best kitchen - so we believe.
    It has been a pleasure to collaborate on the development of the kitchen project with René and his wife. The process has been marked by the same uncompromising nature as one experiences in his restaurant. In its design and construction, nothing has been left to chance in this kitchen; and when it comes to appliances, the obvious choice was an oven and hob from Grand Cuisine.

  • exhibited kitchens for sale

    We currently have different exhibition models for sale, so here is a unique chance to get a beautiful bespoke kitchen from Garde Hvalsøe, with exhibition discount.