A responsible foundation

We have always taken pride in producing honest and carefully designed handcrafted furniture. We aim for the same degree of transparency in our commitment to CSR.

As cabinetmakers rooted in a long, distinguished craft and design tradition, our focus is on locally produced furniture of exceptional quality, with an aesthetic expression that keeps it relevant for generations. Now, the time has come to let sustainability and social responsibility guide every aspect of Garde Hvalsøe’s work. These values are intrinsic in our work, but we still have much to learn about how to translate them into concrete actions to benefit both people and planet.

Based on our fundamental values of uncompromising quality and sublime craftsmanship, we have defined three focus areas: product lifecycle, responsible supply chain and environment.

Many aspects come naturally – including producing furniture from exquisite quality materials, choosing natural FSC-certified materials and partnering with carefully selected suppliers who share our values and aspirations. Now, we are adding extensive knowledge and specific objectives to our sustainable (responsible) foundation through new initiatives aimed at maximizing the lifespan of our furniture, establishing trade agreements, improving waste management and minimizing our carbon footprint.

These goals are not simple or quick to attain, but they provide important guiding principles for our everyday work and define a profoundly meaningful path into the future.

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