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    Garde Hvalsøe was established in 1990. Today our vision is still the same as it was more than 20 years ago – to create unique furniture and interiors with an ever-present focus on pure and honest design. Behind the company today are three cabinet makers and one architect – united in a shared professional pride rooted deeply in the nordic design tradition. We don’t think the recipe for crafting good quality is particularly difficult, it only requires the right materials, and to carefully process them close to the source where they were conceived and designed. Our thinking is never trend-driven, and when we build kitchens, furniture and furnishings in Denmark and abroad, we aim to achieve the highest possible level of both aesthetics and functionality by the absence of unnecessary details. Dedication is something we share with all of our customers, and we go far to ensure our shared project will be an experience to remember. As we meet the majority of our clients through word of mouth, maybe we have already had the pleasure to meet in person. And who knows, maybe before long, we will get the chance to make a dream project of yours come through?

    The Garde Hvalsøe team

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    Most of all we really love wood. A unique natural raw material, which is the most variable and adaptable in the world. No two pieces of wood will ever be the same. And when it comes to chosing the right type of wood or surface for your tabletop - we believe in never compromising. When designing the possibilities are abundant, both when it comes to style and material, and we often create a new kitchen, bath, and custom furnishings in the same style, so that the home gets a consistent look. Our knowledge of materials, their qualities and how to work with them is at the heart of our business and the foundation of your new beautiful piece of furniture.