• Crafts and Contrasts

    During 3daysofdesign, Garde Hvalsøe pays tribute to fine craftsmanship in an inspiring exhibition that invites stoneware clay into the company’s world of wood and other natural materials. In collaboration with the Copenhagen-based ceramicist Karin Blach Nielsen, Garde Hvalsøe offers an exclusive look into the creative process and the many layers of craft and tactility, shapes and colours. Both the cabinetmakers and the ceramicist know the importance of care and patience when it comes to creating a lasting expression. Karin Blach Nielsen’s hand-thrown ceramics are delicate reminders that quality, functionality and beauty can thrive side by side. Visitors will be possible to purchase selected pieces from the exhibition.

    In Garde Hvalsøe’s pursuit of excellence and honest designs with timeless beauty, new bespoke interiors have been added to the showroom. During 3daysofdesign the company presents a new model with a classic, yet extraordinary expression.

    Experience the latest novelties while exploring the exhibition in the Garde Hvalsøe showroom in Copenhagen during 3daysofdesign to get a first-hand look at new objects and ideas from a ceramicist and a company who share a passion for craftsmanship of enduring value.

    Thurs - Fri 10-17
    Sat 11-15

    Esplanaden 8D, ground floor
    1263 Copenhagen


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