• Layer

    Garde Hvalsøe presents Layer – A refined vertical design that brings out new layers of Garde Hvalsøe’s sublime craftsmanship with architectural precision and elegant lines. The new design adds a vertical look to the collection, and the result is a pure, Nordic and consistent design.

    The simple fronts are made of Dinesen’s latest product innovation, Dinesen Layers, and bring a light, natural expression to the design, and like the rest of the furniture, they are hand-crafted by Garde Hvalsøe.

    The experience and sensation of hand-crafted quality is all-pervasive, and every single detail of every layer of the design is carefully finished. In contrast to many of Garde Hvalsøe’s signature designs, with Layer, Baks Arkitekter has added a vertical look to Garde Hvalsøe’s collection, where the grain celebrates the natural vertical lines of the wood in reflection of the forest’s skyward direction.

    All superfluous details have been pared away – there are no plinths, grips or visible joints. Instead, the elements are shaped by a simple design expression that lends the kitchen its unique character. The result is a pure, Nordic and consistent design.


    MATERIALSDinesen Layers | Oak