• model Lundgaard Tranberg

    This Scandinavian Kitchen, which is designed by Danish Architects Lene Tranberg and Boje Lundgaard laid the foundation almost 20 years ago, for our eternal quest for an ever-lasting, and clean kitchen design. If you look at Lene and Boje’s kitchen today, you will have no doubt that this is a classic that might as well have been drawn today. The only deviation from the original and basic design is that today we have ‘mortise and tenon joints’ that are 8 mm, instead of the first kitchen which had 20 mm wide. This is due solely that we, in our humble beginnings, simply did not have the tools to build the smaller and more elegant finger joints.

    MODELLundgaard and Tranberg

    MATERIALSSoap treated oak, corian and powder lacquered steel