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    At Garde Hvalsøe, we have each other’s and our customers’ well-being at heart.

    Our offices and workshops continue to operate, and as always, we are looking forward to hearing about your wishes and ideas. Together, we can develop a bespoke solution for your project.

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  • Experience Framed

    Garde Hvalsøe presents Framed – a new kitchen model with a classic, yet extraordinary expression, where drawers in solid wood are framed by a cabinet in a contrasting material – either patinated copper or zinc. The remarkable materials are reminiscent of the traditional copper and zinc kitchenware. The new model reintroduces two archetypal components in a contemporary design that links the past with the future.

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  • Reflections of an Architect

    The dream was to make more than just a kitchen: a piece of furniture with evident quality and craftsmanship. A working space that invites active use and only gets more beautiful with the imprint of lived life.

    Lene Tranberg tells the story behind the hand-crafted kitchen that laid the foundation for Garde Hvalsøe’s design expression and shares her reflections on atmosphere, balance and constructions.

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  • Inside a Designer’s Home

    To Susanne Rützou, it is essential that objects have a soul – and that applies both to the sculptural stoneware and porcelain bowls that she creates and to her hand-crafted elm wood kitchen. A more than ten-year-old kitchen from Garde Hvalsøe was one of the reasons she fell for the flat in an architect-designed detached house from 1932 in Copenhagen. Quality of life is a core value, which is evident throughout the designer’s home.

  • Redzepi's home

    The man behind the world’s best restaurant, Noma’s head chef René Redzepi, has also chosen the world’s best kitchen - so we believe.
    It has been a pleasure to collaborate on the development of the kitchen project with René and his wife. The process has been marked by the same uncompromising nature as one experiences in his restaurant. In its design and construction, nothing has been left to chance in this kitchen; and when it comes to appliances, the obvious choice was an oven and hob from Grand Cuisine.

  • Display models for sale

    Our display models present a unique opportunity for you to buy a beautiful handcrafted kitchen from Garde Hvalsøe at a reduced price. We continuously sell display models from our showrooms in Copenhagen and Aarhus when we create new showroom expressions and displays.